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Light Up The Sky is a creative design and marketing agency that helps clients bring bright ideas to life with intimate design experiences.
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About Us


We are the company!

Light Up The Sky is what happened when Suzy Malik decided that collaboration is what they wanted to do for a living.


This is how we summarize things  in point form (because who doesn’t love point form):


• We are curious. We want to know you, your company and your audiences better.
• We are translators. We turn your ideas into visuals.
• We are collaborators. We are extensions of your team.
• We strive to create value. We know that beauty is just part of the equation.
• We like to do good work with good people.


If we sound like the people you want to work with, we want to hear from you!


• Brand Development
• Art Direction
• Graphic Design
• Campaign Development
• Digital + Traditional Illustration



• Content Marketing Production
• Content Development for Digital Platforms (Social Media, Blogs & Digital Campaigns)



Contact us

General email:


Suzy Malik Bio Picture

Founder / Principal Creative Director

Suzy Malik

I am inspired by the creative combination of images and words. I have a BFA in New Media and I built upon that foundation by growing my skills as a content producer in various mediums. While working as an art director I discovered great delight in the problem solving that marketing demands and feel there is great satisfaction in helping people and companies better connect with their audiences.


I like to keep myself challenged by taking on art projects. Some highlights include the children’s book written by S. Bear Bergman that I illustrated; The adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy (which was nominated for a Lambda) and my new illustration project Queer Quotables.


What else? I’m a huge lover of graphic novels, if it’s an article on neuroscience I’ll read it, I try to see as many queer films (or webseries) as I possibly can, and I LOVE music. My happy places include; the middle of a dance floor, by a body of water, or when I’m drawing. I’m at my best when I’m inspiring my tiny daughter to full belly giggle, or when I’m being a good partner (both in the cowboy sense and in the relationship sense).


* When working with me, you’ll find I’m enthusiastic and I ask a lot of questions.

Some of the good people we work with:

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