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Light Up The Sky is a creative design and marketing agency that helps clients bring bright ideas to life with intimate design experiences.
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About Us


Keeping good company!

Light Up The Sky is interested in …

• Curiosity (we love exploring, learning, listening and asking questions).
• Clarity (we’re always defining, refining, asking more questions).
• Collaboration (we want to work *with* people not *for* people).
• Creating and being creative (we want to make stuff).

We want to help you make something of value, something that connects with people.

If we sound like the people you want to work with, we want to hear from you!


• Campaign Development
• Brand and Identity Development

• Art Direction
• Graphic Design
• Infographics

• Content Development for Digital Platforms (Social Media, Blogs & Digital Campaigns)



• Digital + Traditional Illustration



Contact us

General email:


Suzy Malik Bio Picture

Founder / Principal / Creative Director

Suzy Malik

I am inspired by the creative combination of images and words. I have a BFA in New Media and I built upon that foundation by growing my skills as a content producer in various mediums. While working as an art director I discovered great delight in the collaborative problem solving that marketing demands and feel there is great satisfaction in helping people and organizations better connect with their audiences. But at heart, the artist in me is always looking for ways to make things that folks want to put up on their walls.


I like to keep myself challenged by taking on art projects. Some highlights include the children’s book written by S. Bear Bergman that I illustrated; The adventures of Tulip, Birthday Wish Fairy (which was nominated for a Lambda) and the Queer Culture series I’m sketching away at.


What else? I’m a huge lover of graphic novels, if it’s an article on neuroscience I’ll read it, I try to see as many queer films (or webseries) as I possibly can, and I LOVE music. My happy places include; the middle of a dance floor, by a body of water, or when I’m drawing. I’m at my best when I’m inspiring my tiny daughter to full belly giggle, or when I’m being a good partner (both in the cowboy sense and in the relationship sense).


* When working with me, you’ll find I’m enthusiastic and I ask a lot of questions.

Some of the good people we work with:

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