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Light Up The Sky is a creative design and marketing agency that helps clients bring bright ideas to life with intimate design experiences.
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06 Nov Graphic info (as in infographics!)

These days information overload seems like an understatement, and it is becoming increasingly challenging as designers and marketing folk to help people and organizations communicate key information to their audiences in a way that is engaging and enhances retention. However, if 90% of the information that...

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Inside Out Festival Idenity designed by LUTS

01 Jun Inside Out’s 25th year

Last night's screening of local love-in,"Portrait of a Serial Monogamist" wrapped a really nice big bow on 2015's excellent Inside Out's festival run. It also perfectly represented the best of what the fest is about - that amazing feeling you get when the queer community...

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TDT header image "On Display"

02 Mar I wanna dance with somebody

Working with the Toronto Dance Theatre in 2013/2014. by: Suzy Malik I have always been taken by dance, so I have been particularly giddy to have a couple of dance companies on our roster of clients. I believe that if childhood dance wasn’t all covered in leotard...

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